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What is Stretch Therapy?

Our stretching technique is a comprehensive recovery process that involves one-on-one assisted repetitive stretching. This technique takes you through multi-directional movements that allow you to remodel and strengthen facia and muscles to increase flexibility and mobility. Our specialized stretching is performed by a certified stretch therapist. In short, Stretch Pro is the easiest, most comprehensive form of stretching in all of Los Angeles.

The science behind Stretch Pro:

Dynamic Integrated Stretching (DIS) focuses on 4 principles resulting in stretching the fascial and the soft tissue in multi directional planes.
  1. Stabilization- Stabilize the joint
  2. Isolation- Isolate the muscle
  3. Activation- Activate reciprocal inhibition
  4. Repetition- Repeat by loading and unloading the tissue

About Stretch Pro

Stretch Pro is the premier health and wellness studio specializing in stretch therapy for active, injured, and everyday people looking to boost their daily performance.

Located at 8000 Sunset Boulevard in the health-conscious West Hollywood community of Los Angeles, Stretch Pro caters to those who are constantly in pursuit of improved performance, athleticism, and endurance in and out of the gym.

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Benefits of Stretch Therapy

Increase mobility and flexibility

Reduce pain and muscle tension

Improve Posture

Breaks Up Adhesions

Increase blood circulation

Enhance muscular coordination

Increase Strength and Performance

Injury Prevention


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