Do you move in all directions?

Most of us move primarily in one direction on a daily basis: forward. We walk forward, we sit and face forward to work on our computer or phone, and when wedrive or eat, we are also facing forward. Do you know that there are 5 other directions of movement that we should be doing regularly? Three planes of movement exist: 1) sagittal (forward and backward), 2) frontal (left and right), and
3) transverse (left and right rotation).

We must incorporate all of these motions on a regular basis to prevent muscle overuse and imbalances. Simply walking sideways, backwards, or doing rotational stretches throughout the day are good activities to do often. Also, incorporating exercises in all 3 planes helps to decrease your risk of developing muscle imbalance or overuse injuries. Some examples are lateral steps with a theraband, side lunges, backward lunges, Russian twists, and side planks.

Start treating yourself to a more balanced body by incorporating a variety of movements into both your daily life and your exercise program. If you need assistance, we’d be happy to perform a comprehensive evaluation to figure out what areas you need to focus on most.

Ryan Kahanu, DPT